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Crystal Ball Collection

Artist Neil Faulkner has designed the most glamorous of studies for the Crystal Ball Collection, fusing period and contemporary fashion styles. In each sculpture, a confident young woman is portrayed wearing an elaborately modelled and highly detailed dress in a rich jewel colour. The poses of the figurines and sensitive modelling with outstretched arms, flowing hair and swirling dresses conveys movement and vitality, which are enhanced by the reflective qualities of the platinum decoration.  Crafted in fine bone china.

Sentiments Petites

Grace, femininity and outstanding design are amongst the many qualities that have ensured the worldwide popularity of Royal Doulton figurines for more than a century. Every study is inspired by a multitude of contemporary and historic sources including fashion, dance and jewellery.

The Sentiments Petites collection, designed by Neil Faulkner, beautifully express the timeless emotions of love and friendship, making them perfect gifts to mark special occasions or to evoke precious memories. Crafted in fine bone china, beautifully handmade and hand-decorated by skilled ceramic artists.

Figurines Of The Year

Since the line was first launched in 1913, the Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies have been some of Royal Doulton's most sought-after collectible figurines. Each Pretty Lady is hand-decorated and hand-detailed; truly a sight to behold and a collectible to be cherished for years to come. The very picture of elegance and grace.
‘Graceful, feminine and enduring’ are just some of the reasons that Royal Doulton figurines are as popular in the 21st century as they were a hundred years ago. With design inspiration drawn from a multitude of contemporary and historic sources including fashion, dance, jewellery and beauty the annual figurines represent the essence of Royal Doulton.
All the figurines in our annual collections are created by a renowned British designer and are hand decorated by highly skilled craftsmen and women. Moreover, each year our fresh studies are destined to become the heirlooms of the future.

Downton Abbey Figurines

The period drama, Downton Abbey, was written by Julian Fellowes and has captivated audiences around the world. The series follows the lives of the Crawley family, headed by the 7th Earl of Grantham, and featuring some of the significant events of the early 20th century, such as the sinking of the Titanic and the First World War and how they impacted their lives.

The spectacular and rich clothing worn by the actors and actresses during the series was one of the many highlights for viewers. A team of costumiers recreated authentic styles of the era for the production and often acquired and adapted original vintage clothing for the characters to wear.

The Crawley family - the Earl and Countess of Grantham, two of their daughters, Lady Mary and Lady Edith, and the Earl’s second cousin, Lady Rose MacClare – has inspired Royal Doulton to create a limited edition figurine collection. In costumes worn during landmark moments of the series, each figurine has been modelled by Neil Welch and he has taken every care to replicate all the luxurious details of each outfit and stylish accessories such as jewellery, hats and handbags.

Christmas Figurines

Annual Christmas Figurines were first introduced in 1999 and since then Royal Doulton designers have created 18 gorgeous designs. Each has been inspired by berry red and holly green dresses trimmed with ermine or rich brocades, which were essential aspects of stylish winter costume in Victorian and Edwardian England. The figurines frequently wear seasonal accessories such as muffs and wear stylish and warm coats, capes or hats.
Figurines capture a typical moment in time of the festive season and are often portrayed undertaking a last minute Christmas errand - perhaps delivering beautifully wrapped gifts.

Royal Figurines

Royal events and anniversaries have regularly been commemorated by Royal Doulton since the 19th century, and the 90th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen, the UK’s longest reigning monarch, is no exception.

Royal Doulton designer, Neil Faulkner has chosen notable points in the Queen Elizabeth II’s life as inspiration for a memorable collection of four figurines reflecting her personal history, from a young princess in wartime to a great grandmother celebrating the christening of a future king.

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